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The Tipu Ake Lifecycle is in the public domain and may be freely used by any individual or organisation, academic institution or training provider as a tool to help enhance organisational performance, subject to the published conditions of use within it.

The following is the list of organisations currently able to deliver Tipu Ake based programmes:


Auckland - Strategic Expertise Ltd

"Leading Projects and Innovation in your Organisation" Two day project management and leadership workshops, structured around the Tipu Ake Lifecycle and Project Management institute's PMBOK. These include a wide range of leadership and team based tools and techniques that can help faciliatate proactive behaviours at all Tipu Ake levels in any organisation. (Much of the development and testing of Tipu Ake was done on these workshops). These are facilitated by Peter Goldsbury. see www.projectmanagement.co.nz for details

For information including dates at Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, (Rotorua and Christchurch on demand) see Leading Projects and Innovation in your Organisation. Also available as in-house corporate programmes anywhere.

For Wellington workshop dates contact Change Training www.change.co.nz/f2f/schedules.html

2. FINLAND and Europe:

Expatriate New Zealander Christopher Evatt lives in Poovoo, Finland and provides introductory presentations at seminars and conferences. For details see http://www.chrisevatt.com
Contact Chris via his website

3. CANADA and North America:

French physicist, writer, storyteller, environmentalist and presenter Andrée Mathieu has carefully researched Tipu Ake and translated it into French. She is based in Quebec, Canada and visted NZ in Feb-Apr 2004 and 2005
Contact Andrée at nyctale2videotron.ca ( Spammer foiler - replace the 2 with @ for transmission)

Courseware Developer Richard Payne of Bauhaus Consulting Group in San Francisco has included Tipu Ake in leadership development programs created for delivery by partners in University and Corporate situations.
Contact Richard via the website above.

This space could be yours:

We invite others to apply to become a Tipu Ake deliverer and build your programmes around it. A prerequisite for this is that you attend a marae retreat at Te Whaiti or equivalent to ensure that your delivery will be made in the context of its origins and will encapsulate the values of the place where it belongs. You will need to gain and maintain the respect of the kaitiaki who guard this knowledge.


SPECIAL EVENT - "Tools for growing Living Organisations"

One day participative workshops launch Tipu Ake internationally:

Thanks to all who made the local arrrangements and who participated (see report on these workshops)

Location: Date (9:00 - 4:00 pm +) Local Contact person: Focus of session:
New York Wed 27 July 2005 Phil Veal
Leading Projects and Programs in a Seemingly Chaotic World
London Area Mon 1 Aug 2005 Madeleine Mauwer madeleinemauwer@hotmail.com Leading Corporate Programmes for a Sustainable Future
Helsinki Fri 12 August 2005 Chrstopher Evatt
Growing New Life in a World of Opportunity
Mid Wales Thur 25 Aug 2005 Dee Ramsayer 0 (44) 1691 780452
Nurturing Communities that Sustain Themselves
San Francisco

Mon 29 Aug 2005
venue: Saybrook Graduate School and Research Centre
747 Front St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco


John Adams - Saybrook Graduate School

Richard Payne -Bauhaus Consulting Group http://bcgrp.com

Leadership, Organisational Development and Sustainability

What is this about?

Our well-practiced industrial age organizational structures and processes often no longer seem to be serving us so well. Maybe today’s organisations need to be more like live ecosystems comprising many diverse living individuals and groups that must collaborate and share limited resources to simaltaneously manage threats and grow opportunities for a well future amidst a complex environment of apparent anarchy, chaos, uncertainty, ambiguity and interconnectedness.

So what would happen then if organisations, projects teams and individuals were to look to nature (and in particular its rainforests) for some lessons. Perhaps we would discover other dimensions that would add balance and a new reverence for life in the knowledge economy where interdependence, competition, rapid change, information and environmental overload is a reality. Perhaps a different world view would drive some powerful new self directed and outcome seeking organisational behaviours.

This workshop will introduce you to a very different New Zealand leadership model called the Tipu Ake ki te Ora lifecycle (growing from within ever upward towards wellbeing). On it we will practice some of the behaviours and tools it offers to help grow living organisations. For an overview of Tipu Ake
see http://www.tipuake.org.nz/stories/program_management.pdf

Objectives of Workshop:

In keeping with our organic theme, the program will be fluid and like nature grow its own shape in each location depending on the mix of people involved and the opportunities for learning they contribute, but here is the outline:

We want to attract a very diverse group of 20-40 people of all ages from Education, Government, Community, Business, Education, Health, Sustainability, Academic, Indigenous groups etc, who are willing to courageously explore together outside their comfort zones. In the morning we will use the behavioural side of the Tipu Ake ..... leadership model to try to quickly help them meld themselves into powerful teams that can exploit their diversity to grow and deploy their collective wisdom. We will also introduce a few simple team tools that can help groups gather in and share information, then converge on collaborative solutions. Later in the afternoon we will work on the "... ki te Ora" part of Tipu Ake, splitting into groups and working on real examples that people suggest; forming a collective vision for the future, identifying the outcomes needed, how we would know when we were getting near them, then working back from this to create a roadmap of the multitude of project actions and coalitions needed to help us all grow towards it. From time to time we will stop to allow all to reflect on and share our experience and learnings.

The facilitator:

Peter Goldsbury BE(Elec), DMS, Dip in Teaching, PMP, is an experienced engineer, project and business manager who now works as an organizational development facilitator. In 2000 he returned with a group from the Auckland University of Technology to his primary school deep in the Whirinaki Rainforest in New Zealand to discover that they had made a revolutionary self-transformation. That started an active research program involving a range of volunteers that resulted in the documentation of the Tipu Ake Lifecycle. The School and it’s Maori community (underemployed since rainforest milling was stopped) shares this in the public domain on the web at www.tipuake.org.nz for the benefit of all the world’s future grandchildrens. Acknowledgement is by koha – a Maori form of reciprocal gifting in trust based on the value received.


If so, then perhaps your koha may be to help a volunteer group bring this Tipu Ake workshop to life in your location: The arrangements are informal with no budget, so we need enthusiasts with networks to coordinate invitations, record registrations, organise venues etc. To participate please contact the local person listed above.
Peter Goldsbury will be in transit but will be checking emails at pgoldsbury@stratex.co.nz )

The outcome we seek from this workshop is that the experience of working together will inspire you to continue to meet, share your experiences, learn and grow. There is no registration fee, but a koha towards the costs would be appreciated.




1. NEW "Lifelong Learning - Nature's Way" - Tipu Ake as a learning model
2. UPDATE " New Tools For Growing Living Organisations and Communities" Radical tools for program management in a world of complexity and inter-dependence - builds on our paper at PMI Global Forum, Anaheim. Nov 2004
UPDATE Downloadable Tipu Ake Model now includes "The Leadership Tripod" and Mycorrhyzal Fungi Networks - Partnerships below the ground level.
4. PODCASTS Listen to Stranova and Living Systems Thinking interviews - Blog
5. VIDEO: Visit Downloadable Video Libary, interviews, stories, apply Tipu Ake
6. Thanks to those who participated in workshops "Tools for Growing Living Organisations" run in New York, London, Mid Wales UK, Finland and San Francisco during August 2005 click here for report

Helping New Zealanders and the world grow from within
Please forward this page to others in your networks, or link from your site to ours.

(c) 2001 onwards Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi. All intellectual property protected under the provisions of the Treaty of Waitangi 1840 and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Adopted by General Assembly 13 Sept 2007) - details www.tewhaiti-nui-a-toi.maori.nz
The Tipu Ake Team thanks AUT for helping incubate this model and in particular the many student teams, staff and other local and international volunteers that have helped it germinate in many places around the world.
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