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Download our Video Clips and purchase our DVDs

To help you understand where Tipu Ake is different, we offer the following video segments. These are windows Media files ranging in size from 20 -50 Mbytes, so you will need a broadband connection (preferably faster than 256Kb/sec) and a windows media player or equivalent.

(Also listen to our Tipu Ake Podcast and radio interviews on your computer or i-Pod - To see how Tipu Ake relates to mainstream US corporate strategic innovation thinking, Living System Thinking and Youth Empowerment )


(a) Te Whaiti School Interviews (15 Mins - 37 Mbyte)


The Principal Genevieve Doherty and Board Members Chris Eketone and Earl Rewi, tell their school self-transformation stories, as oral history to the TV1 Holmes Show team (2001) and a team of AUT Communications Students (2002). (See also the full oral history written story)

(b) Opening of the the merged and expanded school - Te Kura Toitu o Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi (14 mins - 23Mb)


Ministers of Education (Trevor Mallard) and Maori Affairs (Parekura Horomia) bring a government contingent to celebrate with the community the merging of Te Whaiti and Minginui schools and extension to Level 10 classes (Jan 2004). Also video of students in their school and community. (See also the written report on this event)

This also includes the trip where Tourism Auckland brought them to Auckland to perform kapahaka at the America's Cup Media Centre and to encourage Team New Zealand - then four sailing races down out of five (2003). Some segments are from a TV1 One Sport interview by Mary Durham, thanks.

(c) An Overview of the Tipu Ake Model and how it grew (30 mins - 56Mb)


An informal video taken when the Whaingaroa Environmental group were introduced to the Tipu Ake ki te Ora model April 2003 ( See also the written report on this event)


We suggest you have a copy of the model document in front of you when you watch this. Please note that this does not include the elements of poisons ( that stop the germination of anything new) and Sunlight (energy from outside) or the concept of teams with their noses pointing outwards ( sensing, and forming alliances and partnerships) that are described in their stories above but only more recently formally added to Tipu Ake)

(d) Understanding ORA - The ever expanding state that inspires growth in Tipu Ake ki te Ora. (8 mins 13Mb)


Having a bold vision for the future that all can believe in is a critical aspect of Tipu Ake ki te Ora. . The rich Maori concept of Ora goes far beyond its simplistic translation of "Wellbeing" as the following vision for the future from the Waitaha people shows. This video illustrates this with graphic video scenes from Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi, Whaingaroa (Raglan) and Hokianga.


.. When we raise our children with the wairua [the spirit] to hear the plants grow and open their minds to touch the stars; that is Waitaha.

.. When our gardens cover the nakedness of Papatuanuku [the earth] with the peace of Rongo Marae Roa [God of Peace] and the Kumura [our treasured sweet potato] are abundant; that is Waitaha.

.. When the waters are shaped to nurture fish, and birds are plentiful; that is Waitaha.

.. When Arai Te Uru [our sharing / trading canoe] sails again and again with Kumura for the Nation; that is Waitaha.


from "Song of Waitaha", Page 133 www.songofwaitaha.co.nz

(e) Applying Tipu Ake Tools in Organisations: (25 mins - 42 Mb)


1: Organisational Benefits: describing the benefits of its application to support projects, governance and cross organisational teamwork. (3 mins)

2. Examples of using the Tipu Ake Organisational self assessment tool to generate discussion that helps recognise and control potentially team destroying pest behaviours and instead encourages those that help grow effective, innovative and living organisations. (7 mins)

This self assessment is done using collective sensing - a process where the group captures information from outside itself and processes it collectively to ensure that any decision outcome is not distorted by personal baggage and opinions. The video conveys methods and tips for doing this.


Informally captured with Darl Kolb's Masters class " The Change Agent" at The University of Auckland, and with the Whaingaroa Environment Group ( voluntary community organisation) in Raglan (April 03)

3. Participant reflection on the self assessment process. (8 mins)


Reflecting on the organisational self assessment processes to reinforce the implications of these learnings and their ability to help grow effective and radical teams.

4. Using the Tipu Ake ki te Ora visioning tools (4 mins)


These apply the concept of ORA (beyond wellbeing) and other practical team tools to help support The Natural Step concepts of backcasting from the future, as opposed to strategic planning by forecasting from the present

An interactive workshop with the Whaingaroa Environment Group in Raglan which merged their experience and thinking about growing community sustainability projects with the organic concepts of Tipu Ake . This later spearheaded the approach adopted for the Whirinaki Kaitiakitanga Program.

4. Understanding the concept of Koha (2 mins)


A Maori trading convention based on reciprocal gifting and trust. In this context it is the way in which recipients can acknowledge the outcomes they get from applying Tipu Ake. It can be by sharing skills knowledge, networks or resources. (see koha)

(f) Kaitiakitanga at Whaingaroa - a radical approach to local community sustainability programs (20 mins - 32 Mb)


Te Whaiti students visit members of the Whaingaroa Environment Group in Raglan where many people share their understanding of the Maori concept of Kaitiakitanga and the responsible it demands of us to preserve our world and its treasure for future generations. (See also the written report on the trip and also what a Canadain Sustainability writer discovered about kaitiakitanga)

Conditions of Use::

1. These video clips can be freely used in the form they are supplied by any person or group for educational purposes
2. No images can be copied, used or modified for any commercial purposes without express permission.
3. All intellectual property is protected, see www.tewhaiti-nui-a-toi.maori.nz for protocols
4. Acknowledgement of the benefits of use is by koha



A DVD "Growing Aotearoa Sustainably - Tipu Ake and Kaitiakitanga in Action" containing the above and more is available from: The Secretary, Te Kura Toitu o Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi, PO Box 3013, Te Whaiti, via Rotorua. Cost a cheque of $50 to help raise funds for the school.

Also available from there is a two DVD set covering the Hunter Lovins tour www.kaitiakitanga.net/hunterlovins Cost $100

See also a videoclip by Paul Hawken that highlights what Tipu Ake is a part of.
"Blessed Unrest - How the largest movement in the world came into being ... and no-one saw it coming"

TED.com has video on range of themes http://www.ted.com/index.php/themes/atoz



1. NEW "Lifelong Learning - Nature's Way" - Tipu Ake as a learning model
2. UPDATE " New Tools For Growing Living Organisations and Communities" Radical tools for program management in a world of complexity and inter-dependence - builds on our paper at PMI Global Forum, Anaheim. Nov 2004
UPDATE Downloadable Tipu Ake Model now includes "The Leadership Tripod" and Mycorrhyzal Fungi Networks - Partnerships below the ground level.
4. PODCASTS Listen to Stranova and Living Systems Thinking interviews - Blog
5. VIDEO: Visit Downloadable Video Libary, interviews, stories, apply Tipu Ake
6. Thanks to those who participated in workshops "Tools for Growing Living Organisations" run in New York, London, Mid Wales UK, Finland and San Francisco during August 2005 click here for report

Helping New Zealanders and the world grow from within
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The Tipu Ake Team thanks AUT for helping incubate this model and in particular the many student teams, staff and other local and international volunteers that have helped it germinate in many places around the world.
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