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Koha [the concept of reciprocal gifting]

A koha is a special gift, or sharing of ones wealth, that demands nothing in return and need not be immediate. It is a social protocol that encourages a win - win trading relationships based on mutual trust and integrity.

In the earliest times it was a gift to Tane Mahuta, God of the trees and all living things in thanks for successful crops. In later times it was used as a form of trading. Visitors from the coast to inland tribes would bring a koha of seafood, or those from the South Island Greenstone; something plentiful for them but very valuable to their hosts. In return they would be fed with the delicacies of the forest or perhaps given a canoe. They also traded food for knowledge skill and produce.

The Maori have a proverb "Taua raurau, Taku raurau, ka Ora te Iwi - With your basket and my basket all the people will know wellness".

You are invited to acknowledge the value of Tipu Ake to you or your organisation by way of a Koha (in cash or kind) to Te Whaiti at any time. It will go into a fund administered by the school and community to further the wellbeing of their children, culture environment and beyond.

Just letting others know about Tipu Ake is one of the most valuable koha you can give us.

You can make a payment with your credit card on line using Paypal simply by clicking the icon below

Alternatively, if you want to send a bank cheque or offer services in kind please download our registration / koha form to accompany it, then mail or fax it to us so we can send you our thanks.




1. NEW "Lifelong Learning - Nature's Way" - Tipu Ake as a learning model
2. UPDATE " New Tools For Growing Living Organisations and Communities" Radical tools for program management in a world of complexity and inter-dependence - builds on our paper at PMI Global Forum, Anaheim. Nov 2004
UPDATE Downloadable Tipu Ake Model now includes "The Leadership Tripod" and Mycorrhyzal Fungi Networks - Partnerships below the ground level.
4. PODCASTS Listen to Stranova and Living Systems Thinking interviews - Blog
5. VIDEO: Visit Downloadable Video Libary, interviews, stories, apply Tipu Ake
6. Thanks to those who participated in workshops "Tools for Growing Living Organisations" run in New York, London, Mid Wales UK, Finland and San Francisco during August 2005 click here for report

Helping New Zealanders and the world grow from within
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The Tipu Ake Team thanks AUT for helping incubate this model and in particular the many student teams, staff and other local and international volunteers that have helped it germinate in many places around the world.
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