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ConnectioNZ: (Partnerships and Links)

The following are complementary organisations that may be of interest to Tipu Ake users.

New Zealand Partners (informal):

Te Whaiti School and community in Whirinaki valley www.whirinaki.org.nz

Auckland University of Technology www.aut.ac.nz

Tuhoe Education Authority www.tuhoeeducation.co.nz

Whirinaki Bilingual website - by Te Whaiti School children 3rd place Intermediate in 2003 schools webchallenge competition http://www.nzoomwebchallenge.co.nz/ictkidz6/

Project GYME - Growing Young Maori Entrepreneurs - http://www.projectgyme.maori.nz

Leadership in Schools and Education:

Te Wananga o Aotearoa -

Leadership and the Self Managing School - University of Alberta complexity and education site

University of Waikato - Educational Leadership Centre

New Zealand Associates:

Unitec New Zealand - Graduate Diploma in Leadership ( Maori Development)

A New New Zealand www.anewnz.org.nz

Auckland Environmental Business network www.aebn.pl.net

Educational Leadership Centre, University of Waikato www.soe.waikato.ac.nz/elc

Employers and Manufacturers Association www.ema.co.nz

Human Resource Institute of New Zealand www.hrinz.org.nz

NZ Association of Training and Development www.nzatd.org.nz

NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development www.nzbcsd.org.nz

Project Management Institute - PMI ( NZ Chapter) www.pmi.org.nz

The Knowledge Wave Trust www.knowledgewave.org.nz

ICANZ Sustainability Group www.icanz.org.nz

NZ Business Excellence Foundation www.nzbef.org.nz

The Natural Step New Zealand www.naturalstep.org.nz

The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (benchmarking) www.coer.org.nz

Leading and Learning (educational leadership) www.leading-learning.co.nz

Tu Strategies - Indigenous Maori ideas, solutions and intelligence www.tu.co.nz

Maori Secrets for Modern Life http://www.maori-secrets.com/

Clinical Leadership in the NZ health system www.clanz.org.nz

The NZ Ecological Restoration Network www.bush.org.nz

International Sites - Leadership sustainability:

World Changing - a new world is here

Pike Place Fishmarket - Seattle, a world famous organisation who do things differently

Shambhala Institute of Authentic Leadership www.shambhalainstitute.org

Appreciative Inquiry Commons http://.appreciativeinquiry.cwru.edu

Dialog on Leadership www.dialogonleadership.org

Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland www.academy.umd.edu

NativeNet.org ( indigenous site) www.nativenet.org

Plexus Institute - complexity and chaos www.plexusinstitute.com/edgeware/archive/think

Society for Organisational learning (Peter Senge) www.solonline.org

Peter Drucker Foundation www.druckerfoundation.org

Project Management Institute USA www.pmi.org

Association for Project Management UK www.apm.org.uk

Kufunda Learning Village, Zimbabwe www.kufunda.org

The Tamoanchan Project, Mexico - Restoring Aztec Traditions www.tamoanchan.org

L'Agora encyclopaedia on-line ( French Language Site): http://agora.qc.ca/

Philia - A Dialogue About Citizenship http://www.philia.ca/default_english.htm

2003 PHILIA SYMPOSIUM Beyond Interventionist and Laissez-faire Policies
An Inspiration for Society http://agora.qc.ca/philia2003.nsf/eng/Symposium

Gaviotas Colombia – The Village Who Planted Trees

Accountability - The Institute of Social and Ethical Responsibility (UK) http://www.accountability.org.uk

MakingITGlobal - Canadian Youth Innovation site http://www.makingitglobal.com

Interface Inc http://www.interfacesustainability.com

The Natural Step sustainability model http://www.naturalstep.org

The Centre for Collaborative Organisations www.workteams.unt.edu

American Forest Foundation www.forestfoundation.org

Project Learning Tree www.plt.org - US Environmental Education Program

Triple Pundit - triple bottom line site www.triplepundit.com

Peak Insight - People changing their world www.peakinsight.com

The Sustainability Leadership Institute www.sustainabilityleaders.org/

The Centre for Self Organising Leadership http://www.sustainabilityleaders.org/

University of Oregon Sustainable Leadership Academy http://utopia.uoregon.edu/faculty/SustLeadAcademy.htm

The Complexity Society UK http://www.complexity-society.com/

The London School of Economics- Complexity Programme http://www.psych.lse.ac.uk/complexity/

The Collective Wisdom Initiative - a Sharing network http://www.collectivewisdominitiative.org

Stranova Strategic Planning Interviews ( including one on Tipu Ake 30 Jan 06) http://www.stranova.com

The Centre for Ecoliteracy - Fritjof Capra and others - educ for sustainable living.http://www.ecoliteracy.org/

Leadership 501 - Examining the gears of leadership www.leadership501.com

Community Development Sites and info

The Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement http://tamarackcommunity.ca/

Santropol Roulant - Organic tools for Organisational Evaluation http://www.santropolroulant.org

WWF NZ publication - "Not Just Trees in the Ground" Http://www.wwf.org.nz/fck_image_uploads/file/WWF-New%20Zealand%20Not%20Just%20Trees%20in%20the%20Ground.pdf

Society Links - International Directory http://www.societylinks.net

Systems Thinking and other tools:

The Systems Thinking website

The Bioteams website www.bioteams.com

Systems thinking and common ground by Dr John Peet, University of Canterbury, NZ.

Futurist thinking:

The Global Plan Initiative - future vision www.thegpi.org

Be the Change Futures movement - for NZ initiative email bethechange@sustainable.co.nz

Foundation for the Future www.futurefoundation.org

NextNow network of thinkers http://www.human-landscaping.com/nextnow/

The Global Future Forum www.thegff.com

Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies www.cifs.dk

Institute for the Future www.iftf.org

Wake Forest University - Future Focus 2020 www.mba.wfu.edu/futurefocus/about.html

Bioneers - www.bioneers.org

Process level tools and thinking that supports Tipu Ake :

Planview - NZ Collaborative Project Management Software Tool www.planwise.co.nz

Nivot Ridge Resources - Agile organisation/project thinking and tools www.niwotridge.com

Business sites Directory - network www.business-sites-directory.com

Academic thinking complementary to Tipu Ake :

From Lifecycle to Ecocycle www.plexusinstitute.com/edgeware/archive/think /main_aides9.html

see also leadership models and supporting stories




1. NEW "Lifelong Learning - Nature's Way" - Tipu Ake as a learning model
2. UPDATE " New Tools For Growing Living Organisations and Communities" Radical tools for program management in a world of complexity and inter-dependence - builds on our paper at PMI Global Forum, Anaheim. Nov 2004
UPDATE Downloadable Tipu Ake Model now includes "The Leadership Tripod" and Mycorrhyzal Fungi Networks - Partnerships below the ground level.
4. PODCASTS Listen to Stranova and Living Systems Thinking interviews - Blog
5. VIDEO: Visit Downloadable Video Libary, interviews, stories, apply Tipu Ake
6. Thanks to those who participated in workshops "Tools for Growing Living Organisations" run in New York, London, Mid Wales UK, Finland and San Francisco during August 2005 click here for report

Helping New Zealanders and the world grow from within
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The Tipu Ake Team thanks AUT for helping incubate this model and in particular the many student teams, staff and other local and international volunteers that have helped it germinate in many places around the world.
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